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Relocation Timeline

About one month away from your move, you’ll want a detailed checklist to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Four weeks to go:

  • Call moving companies for a free estimate. Cost will vary depending on distance, weight and optional services.
  • Look through your house to determine items to be discarded or donated to charity. Have a garage sale!
  • Inform schools of transfer. Make arrangements for enrollment/registration in new schools if necessary.
  • Most homeowner’s policies do not provide adequate coverage for moving. Check with your agent and consider purchasing additional coverage from a moving company.
  • Begin collecting boxes with covers if you plan to pack your belongings. You can purchase packing materials through moving companies or contact local grocery stores for extra boxes. Be sure to stock up on packing tape!
  • Begin consuming perishable and frozen food items to minimize waste.

Three weeks to go:

  • Begin packing!
  • Notify the post office of your new address and send change of address cards to friends, family, subscriptions and any billing companies.
  • Make necessary travel arrangements including interim housing and car rental. Be sure to record confirmation numbers.
  • Collect medical records and prescriptions from physicians. Ask for recommendations for doctors in your new area.
  • Place legal, medical and insurance records in a safe and accessible place.

Two weeks to go:

  • Arrange to disconnect utilities/services in your current residence and coordinate installation of utilities/services in your new home.
  • Close/transfer bank accounts and open accounts in your new city.
  • Take pets to the vet for immunizations. Ask for advice on moving animals.
  • Draw a map of your new home and where the furniture will be arranged.
  • Return library books and any borrowed items.
  • Be sure to cancel newspaper subscriptions and/or any special services you have (i.e., landscaping/lawn service, snow plow, etc.).

One week to go:

  • Prepare car for the trip. Check the oil, tires, brakes, etc.
  • Drain water from hoses.
  • Drain gasoline and oil from any lawn or power equipment.
  • Remember to pick up items sent to the cleaners or for repairs.

Days before:

  • Defrost and clean out refrigerator
  • Pack your luggage and separate any items you will need in the first days in your new home (i.e., a current telephone directory – you may need to refer to it for calls to residents or businesses in your former hometown). Label these boxes “Load Last.”
  • Reconfirm travel arrangements.
  • Reserve ample parking space for the movers and provide clear paths inside the house.

The Big Day!

  • Be on hand to answer any questions.
  • Go over your inventory with the driver.
  • Be sure to point out all FRAGILE items to the movers.
  • Check, double check and triple check to see if anything is left behind!
  • Do not leave the house until the movers are gone.

A Few More Moving Thoughts:

Moving your computer – Make copies of all your files and software. If possible, pack your computer, monitor, and printer in their original boxes. If not, ask a moving company for boxes made especially for computers.

Packing supplies – have 1.5″ packing tape, thick markers, packing pellets, scissors, labels, tissue paper, newspaper and blankets on hand.

Inventory – Review inventory list.

Pack photographs between sheets and blankets in boxes for added protection.

At your destination consider hooking up the TV and VCR to occupy children until the truck is unloaded.

Enjoy your new home!