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Curb Appeal Draws Buyers

Making a good first impression is as important when selling your home as when meeting a business associate. We call it “curb appeal.” And it’s what draws a potential buyer out of their car and into your home.

Begin by taking an objective look at your home. When you drive up, what’s the first thing you see? Is it an inviting setting that encourages buyers to stop and take notice? Or is the first thing you see your children’s toys around the yard, overgrown landscaping or extra material for the house? Here are some tips for ensuring your home makes a good first impression:

Nice landscaping: Prune overgrown trees and bushes. Pull weeds and diseased plants. Fertilize and mow your lawn to make it look green and healthy. Consider planting flowers along walkways or in pots along the sidewalk to bring eye catching color to your landscaping. Spread mulch or beauty bark around trees, shrubs and flowers to give your front yard a clean, well-kept look.

Attractive front entry: Polish your front door handle and other hardware. Paint or stain your front door if needed. Set out pots of flowers near the front door and/or where potential buyers are likely to notice them. If you have a front porch, set the mood by featuring a charming bench or chairs with a table and flowers. Keep all sidewalks, porches and walkways swept. Buy a new front door mat in neutral tones. Clean and polish light fixtures.

Less is more: Just as you would inside the house, make sure your front yard does not look cluttered. Move cars into the garage and out of the driveway whenever possible. Keep the bikes, toys and other play equipment out of sight. To minimize distractions, keep lawn and garden ornaments to a minimum. Create an environment that invites buyers into your home and allows them to picture themselves enjoying your front yard.

I would be happy to take a look at your home and suggest ways to improve your home’s curb appeal. Please call me if I may be of assistance