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Home to nearly 40,000 residents, Issaquah is a city with a rich history, a picturesque setting, and tons of exciting attractions, destinations, and events for residents and visitors alike. Like other cities in the Greater Seattle area, Issaquah was originally a small frontier town with an economy based on mining.

Living in Issaquah

  • Issaquah is a wonderful place to live for outdoor lovers. Known as the “Trailhead City,” this scenic haven is centered within the Issaquah Alps, attracting countless hikers, paragliders, and other outdoor enthusiasts every year.
  • Many tech companies moved into the area during the late 20th century, providing a boost to Issaquah’s economy. Some notable companies with nearby headquarters include Boeing, Costco, and Microsoft.
  • Public schools in Issaquah are under the Issaquah School District, which also administers some schools outside city boundaries. The district is home to more than 20 different schools.
  • One of Issaquah’s most popular destinations is Gilman Village, a scenic outdoor shopping center with a selection of over 40 shops and restaurants, most of which are housed within vintage buildings from the city’s rich mining past.

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